Thursday, July 31, 2008

Schedule For Dialysis

Everyone knows about dialysis. It is tough and nobody would like to experience the same way. I can see them in the dialysis center how tough it is! My mother in law has go through a lot of rough times...I felt her pain and I understand her cry. However, her schedule would be Tuesday , Thursday and Saturday at 6:30 in the morning. She stayed there for 4 hours.

Realization, machines and medicines are extending patients life until to the last breath. While there still be a good life, We need to take care of ourselves in choosing the right foods and definitely a good diet will do. I don't want you to be like my mother in law. I can tell you it is very hard and tough life of being a dialyzed patient. It is better to be aware than regret later.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Need More Art in My Header!

I did simple blog beautification today! It is not great but simple means beauty from within. I am just a simple person. Loves to explore things around! Amazing I did lots of changes in my blog! Need to familiarize them for good.

Adventures and exploration are my passions in this blogging world. Sometimes I am lazy but many time I love it...That is why I need more.... Art in my header is what I am looking and working on! I am looking for another day that something my work of art is worthy for my eyes. Thus, I am planning to buy software for template and headers so that I can make lots of book scraping and arts. Maybe if God's will!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wendys Portion!

Dinner at Wendy, Just a quick meal and then we need to attend mom's needs. She was fragile honestly, but dealing this kind of situation needs the ability to pray and deal with it. I can manage myself to learn something new everyday!

Anyway, lord bless our day and make it worthy to live and when we wake up help us to make our day back again to God's grace. I realize that we need to give her more time to make her better. The food is great though!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Another Surgery

Mom is always been a big baby for us. I just love to pamper her with so much dedication. We brought her in the hospital today for surgery of her arms. Though Doctors had a hard time to find her veins. I don't know but I was disappointed. We went home right then and they have schedule for another appointment.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Iphone Can Reserve Opportunity

Last night when my husband and I had dinner in International House Of Pancake. I was trying to visit my blog in my iphone.

However, I was amaze because in one touch of of my thumb to safari I found google was there and then I tried to type payperpost website and it open the window. Then I saw white blessings at 11:30 in the evening. Seems that I am the only person who smiles saying yes Lord! I can reserved blessings. Happy Me:) overwhelming or maybe exaggerating feelings I have. But I' m sorry if my actuation was naive but I' m just happy that my Iphone can reserve blessings.

Wake Up Late!

Good morning! I am so tired when I wake up today because yesterday we brought some unused things to storage area.

However, were not yet done! we need to bring chairs, table and boxes in the storage area. Sounds great because I can do whatever I want with regards to some changes in location of the things inside of the house. Thanks God for the wonderful day! Everything seems to be alright. For the mean time I need home decor to change and to add beauty of our cute apartment. I can recall my days when I was working at the NUN sisters. I thought those are the replica and the chapter which I learned a lot. Home management is really exciting.After putting some interior design it feels better. SO much for that:) need 4 loads..... we are now ready to transport to the storage area... see ya later!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Backlinks A Magic Genie

I am so happy that I got this magic genie from my other blog. This is fantastic and I can build up my blog so bad. I love to be happy! God bless us and God bless our blog here in blogosphere.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Texas Life in United States of America

My head is always owned by God. He knows what I need in order to reach my goal. My main focus is to serve and to develop my skills to the better.

I never know what God wants me to do. Until I listen to his whisper into my ear and I put into reality. Now he is knocking at the door of my heart with great hope that I can interpret life to the fullest. I always says, God if this is your will! they well be done! Yes Lord with smile:)

Care giving and blogging are challenging tools to utilize talents and skills related to lifestyle, health, education and technology real reviews. I am happy what I am doing when I decided to find a job I always consult God and my husband if this is the right time. But I can tell that God is now knocking my heart to serve people. It is nice to serve because I can relate both educating people and teaching them what to do in times of issue that would come.

I love being here in United States of America because I am free of doing things that I love to do. I know life is challenging but I am enjoying the fact that I can do whatever I want now.

Tips for Job Interview

There are lots of tips on interview for a job but one thing I want to share with you so that you will be accepted on the job. " Don't tell them nothing, Let them ask you all the questions". All you need to do is listen and answer what is been ask. Smile as if nothing happen. Loot at her eyes and you can see how she ask questions vigorously. Answer the question with brain. And most especially Prayer is a weapon to find a job. Let me tell you prayer of the Holy Spirit is really great.

However, when I took LET examination for teacher I prayed Holy Spirit. God gave me the wisdom to do answer all the questions. When I applied a job in the field of teaching I prayed again. When I pray I felt the Holy Spirit inside of me. That's my weapon to conquer fears. Relax and keep praying. God will do the rest. Surely!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happpy Birthday Ading Avee

I have nothing to give you except this watch. Only here in this blog I can express my wish on your birthday. I am praying and hoping you all the best in life. God Bless you and take care of your self.

Courtesy picture!