Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tips for Job Interview

There are lots of tips on interview for a job but one thing I want to share with you so that you will be accepted on the job. " Don't tell them nothing, Let them ask you all the questions". All you need to do is listen and answer what is been ask. Smile as if nothing happen. Loot at her eyes and you can see how she ask questions vigorously. Answer the question with brain. And most especially Prayer is a weapon to find a job. Let me tell you prayer of the Holy Spirit is really great.

However, when I took LET examination for teacher I prayed Holy Spirit. God gave me the wisdom to do answer all the questions. When I applied a job in the field of teaching I prayed again. When I pray I felt the Holy Spirit inside of me. That's my weapon to conquer fears. Relax and keep praying. God will do the rest. Surely!

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