Friday, October 24, 2008

Wife and Caregiver

How time flies? it is really a great transition for me to take care . Living and dealing this kinds of life is tough but I enjoy doing it. I asked God a real signs and truly he gave it. Then I must live what I promise to the Lord. To live and work in according to his will.

I am working as caregiver for almost one year and five months with my mother in law. Knowing how to define life as " the test of everything" but considering that I am married.Therefore, rest assured my husband's needs as well as my mother in law's needs. It feels good to love but can you imagine of just giving yourself in the name of LOVE? Yeah:) It is fulfilling but life in this world is not always bed of roses. Especially when you are dealing person uniqueness. Oh my goodness gracious! But to share what God's experience during his time is really a uplifting. He nailed his life on the cross to save us.

I realize to myself, what if I will be like her when I am getting older too? scary right! but I will be accepting the fact that dealing someone's uniqueness is really rewarding. Facing the reality is challenging !