Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mom Scheduled for Digestive Check Up!

Scheduled for digestive check up!!! Just arrived on time at 12:30 in the afternoon yesterday! Though rain was so bad and the gusty winds are so strong. It was very cold indeed!!! I am a bit surprised because there nothing in there except us. While waiting for 2 minutes at the receiving area. The white lady called us so that mom can have her signature. So on the spot she did it!

However, thankful to God because she is still the same and very normal. Though still sedated but she loves to go somewhere. The places where she wants to hang out is Olive Garden or Chinese restaurant! Here is the picture I took in my iphone inside of the chines restaurant. My Mother in law with fishes and the bamboo.....She just love the idea. She was very happy!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Doctor's Appointment Yesterday

Dialysis day was very tough for my Mother in law yesterday. You wanna know why because after her dialysis, she has another schedule at the hospital. She had Doctor's appointment at 11: 30 in the morning. It is all about her shunt. But she is doing well and with the Grace of God. I thought of writing here just to express my self how we love her to the max.

However, we drove it back home safely. Glad to know that she is doing well. Make it sure that she received my total care from depth within. Knowing that her medication is great!

Monday, April 13, 2009

mOthEr iN LaW's BiRthDaY!

It was wonderful night on the natal day of my Mother in law.
We celebrated her birthday at Olive Garden where foods are fabulous.
Thanksgiving is one of gratitude of all the graces and blessings

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Certified Nursing Assistant has three words to remember: tender , love and care! It was pretty amazing course! Its not only for caring people but learning peoples rights and all the rights in the world. I learned so many things in my short course. I just love it!