Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Iphone Can Reserve Opportunity

Last night when my husband and I had dinner in International House Of Pancake. I was trying to visit my blog in my iphone.

However, I was amaze because in one touch of of my thumb to safari I found google was there and then I tried to type payperpost website and it open the window. Then I saw white blessings at 11:30 in the evening. Seems that I am the only person who smiles saying yes Lord! I can reserved blessings. Happy Me:) overwhelming or maybe exaggerating feelings I have. But I' m sorry if my actuation was naive but I' m just happy that my Iphone can reserve blessings.

Wake Up Late!

Good morning! I am so tired when I wake up today because yesterday we brought some unused things to storage area.

However, were not yet done! we need to bring chairs, table and boxes in the storage area. Sounds great because I can do whatever I want with regards to some changes in location of the things inside of the house. Thanks God for the wonderful day! Everything seems to be alright. For the mean time I need home decor to change and to add beauty of our cute apartment. I can recall my days when I was working at the NUN sisters. I thought those are the replica and the chapter which I learned a lot. Home management is really exciting.After putting some interior design it feels better. SO much for that:) need 4 loads..... we are now ready to transport to the storage area... see ya later!