Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Iphone Can Reserve Opportunity

Last night when my husband and I had dinner in International House Of Pancake. I was trying to visit my blog in my iphone.

However, I was amaze because in one touch of of my thumb to safari I found google was there and then I tried to type payperpost website and it open the window. Then I saw white blessings at 11:30 in the evening. Seems that I am the only person who smiles saying yes Lord! I can reserved blessings. Happy Me:) overwhelming or maybe exaggerating feelings I have. But I' m sorry if my actuation was naive but I' m just happy that my Iphone can reserve blessings.

1 comment:

Juliet said...

nia ko dre wala man ka messge board. mao dre na lang. ganahan ko sa color nindot.