Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Texas Life in United States of America

My head is always owned by God. He knows what I need in order to reach my goal. My main focus is to serve and to develop my skills to the better.

I never know what God wants me to do. Until I listen to his whisper into my ear and I put into reality. Now he is knocking at the door of my heart with great hope that I can interpret life to the fullest. I always says, God if this is your will! they well be done! Yes Lord with smile:)

Care giving and blogging are challenging tools to utilize talents and skills related to lifestyle, health, education and technology real reviews. I am happy what I am doing when I decided to find a job I always consult God and my husband if this is the right time. But I can tell that God is now knocking my heart to serve people. It is nice to serve because I can relate both educating people and teaching them what to do in times of issue that would come.

I love being here in United States of America because I am free of doing things that I love to do. I know life is challenging but I am enjoying the fact that I can do whatever I want now.

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