Saturday, December 27, 2008

I am One of them!

Did you know that I found something informative news about our homeland? How many people wants to leave Country? Some are successful and some are not. Based on the data given it explains how people wants to explore and would stay for good to a place where they called home. Data shows that the USA has a number of people wanting to stay and work for one purpose.
Historians tells us everything how people tend to cross Country to find something special or for kitchen's table or for bread and butter are important for each of the families. Yeah:) everyone is entitle to find her lifetaking and challenging world where miracle happens all the time. I am one of the luckiest person who received miracle in real life. Money can't buy happiness as the saying goes! But if the person has good intention and the motivation is coming from the core of heart then miracle is the most exciting and profound word that only our heart can tell.

Thus, as you can see on the illustration given you will be amazed. How people wants to leave our Country in one purpose to love our love ones. Thankful and hopeful, in this season we will be able to share our lives like Jesus to be there experience his loving way of dominating the world with love.

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