Saturday, October 18, 2008

Welcome Home Mama!

The doctor was talking to my husband about our mother's condition. They were preparing for the release her in the Hospital at Baylor Garland.I just took picture on the wall where their was name on it as well as the empty bed for her and the three picture down there!

We drove from our home to the Hospital to fetched her. I saw her smiling and she was ready to go. So we need to sign the papers and then go..... She loves to go home.. Its different when you felt the real home sweet home and feel the freshness of life. Yeah:) I felt everything, what she felt. I can tell her eyes and smile how really she want to go home very badly. I asked her many times if she wants to stay at nursing home. She keeps on telling me if she can still walk means that she can still stay at home. But If there will be a time that she can't do no more. So it is time to move on according to her. But as long as my husband and I are there for her we will be able to give our best shot as a caregiver for her. To give our love and tender loving care.

By taking care with our mother is really rewarding. I still believe in a miracle and graces will come between us. It is because God sees what is in our heart. To be able to give mom's satisfaction that matters most.

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